Meet The Nerds

Brendan Collins – Team Captain


Allen Mons – Team Co-Captain IMG_2920

Allen Mons is 17 and a senior at Carmel Catholic High School. He is interested in Computer Science. He is on math team and in Spikeball club. He joined NYAN his freshman year and is on programming team.





Ben Geoffroy – Team Co-Captain IMG_2918

Ben Geoffroy is 17, a senior at Carmel Catholic High School, and is interested in majoring in Industrial Engineering. He plays soccer, is on the math team, plays the saxophone and piano, and loves to spend time with his friends and family. Last year he joined NYAN to figure out his career plan, but is staying with the team because of his love for engineering and the friends he made on the way to a world championship.


Andrew Frels – Head of Marketing

Andrew is a 17 year old senior at Carmel Catholic High School. He wants to be a Biomedical Engineer in and after college. Besides being the captain of the marketing team, Andrew direct and acts in his schools theater department and leads his BSA Troop. He joined robotics because it looked pretty fun. He was right.

Terri Brinkman  – Marketing

Terri Brinkman is 17 years old and is a senior at Carmel Catholic High School. She in interesting in majoring in accounting or finance in college. Terri played soccer and basketball and is on Executive Board. She loves spending time with friends and family, swimming and boating on the lake, and walking her dog. She joined robotics because she wanted to compete on a global level, but she is staying because of the friendships and fun she’s had on the team.

Rachel Blaha – Marketing

Rachel is 16 and a Junior. She is interested in becoming a Mechanical Engineer or Chemical Engineer. I love basketball and spending time with friends and family, and regularly volunteer at Northern Illinois Food Bank. Fun fact: I love dogs. I wanted to be part of a competitive team and learn about different aspects of robotics.

Meghan Novak – CAD/App design

Meghan Novak is 17, a Senior at Carmel Catholic High School. She plays varsity lacrosse, is a student athletic trainer, and is the treasurer of the executive board. Meghan joined the team last year and returned this year due to the friendships she made and the passion she has for engineering. She hopes to pursue a career in biomedical or computer engineering.

Szymon Slowinski – Build IMG_2919

Szymon Slowinski is 17, a Senior at Carmel Catholic High School. He participates in Scholastic Bowl, Math Team, and multiple clubs and activities around Carmel. Szymon is returning to NYAN this year to continue gaining knowledge in the engineering field as well as have fun and inspire enthusiasm among the team. He hopes to become a Chemical Engineer. He loves to lay on the kitchen floor and pretend he is a crumb.


Sam Schneider – Build  IMG_2912

Sam is 15, a Sophomore. He is interested in Computer Science or Engineering, spikeball, ping pong & videogames. He is currently top 50 in the world in a Minecraft pvp minigame. Sam wanted to be on an elite team and enjoy building and thinking of strategies.




Sean Bolger – Build IMG_2915

Sean Bolger is 16, and a Junior at Carmel Catholic High School. Sean is interested in Mechanical Engineering and participates in math team, Youth in Government, Game club, and Junior Leadership Team. 




Kyle Pulido – Build

Kyle Pulido is 15, a Sophomore at Carmel Catholic, and wants to do something related to Engineering with a minor in business. Kyle plays soccer, runs track, co-founder of the Ping Pong Club, and secretary of the sophomore student council. He plays lots of Xbox with his friends and enjoys spending time with them. He also eats cereal without milk. He joined the team this year because he wanted to be on a competitive team of people who are all dedicated to, and have an interest in robotics and engineering.

Mary Titterton – Build

Mary Titterton is 14, a freshman at Carmel Catholic High School. She plays tennis and soccer for sport, but wants to major in engineering with a business background. She enjoys spending time with her friends and getting into heated debates. In her free time, Mary enjoys playing cards with her family and beating them at poker. As a freshman, she joined the team to be with people who truly enjoy working with robots and having fun.